All Reservations made will be at cost. The charges will be set by the Bars,Clubs and alcohol selling joints. Customers will be required to make a call for all reservations needed. Opon confirmation from us that their order is available, they will be asked to make payment and we shall confirm on the reservation. Customer are not allowed to make any payment with out first confirming from us.We shall contact the Bars,Clubs and alcohol selling points and assist you making your reservations. All the detais on reservations will be communicated to you through the phone upon reaching to us. Reservations will be made by calling this number 0723633699

Reservations include but NOT limited to

1, Tables

2, Seats

3, Parking





Bars,Clubs and Alcohol selling Joints will set all the reservation cost and our work will be to communicate to you. All payments will be made through our paybill number.



Reservations will be based on time of the day. They may vary in prices depending on the events held by the Bars,Clubs and alcohol selling joints. Time of the day or other activities that you will be informed of before reservation is done for you.





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